Respectfully, before I delve deeper into my humble thoughts, especially with the careful observation of issues within the rank and file of the Elephant fraternity, NPP.

According to Abdallah II, “Political development should start at the grassroots.”

The foundation of any serious political party is the grassroots base which is an indisputable fact considering the sacrifices, hard work, dedication, commitment, and loyalty on the part of the youthful exuberant across the length and breadth of the country.

However, it appears there is a disconnect between the leadership of the Party and the grassroots who have been silently in need of help in so many areas since the party came to power in 2016 even though some have found ways and are happily engaged.

Arguably, it seems some of the grassroots of the Party are losing hope, especially the disgruntled ones who are moving from one office to another in search of available jobs to bring back smiles and a sense of belonging as great patriots.

Indeed, the strange phenomenon of jobs for sale has aggravated the plight of job seekers within the circles of NPP and many are left in pain and misery upon working hard for the party.

Again, the issue of “Godfatherism” seems to be an acceptable norm in modern politics whereby a section of the youthful exuberant are in search of “Godfathers” to the neglect their core mandate of working for the party to the path of serving the interest of individuals.

This above has made many hard-working patriots abandon party work since it has become the new trend to be easily recognized through praise singing of individual “Godfathers”. To buttress my point, Will this current trend help the party going forward? Your guess is as good as mine.

Realistically, breaking the 8 is achievable once the leadership of the Party steps foot on the grounds and listens to grassroots without any strong connections who genuinely and wholeheartedly work for the party.

Furthermore, the New Patriotic Party (NPP: Development in Freedom) believes in grooming and unearthing the hidden potential of the youth to be useful in society. The Party is entirely for the youth irrespective of one’s Religion, Gender and Ethnic background.

Strangely, the aforementioned issues that I have enumerated have become tropical and many party faithful are struggling with this strange phenomenon of neglect, lack of empowerment, and the issue of jobs for sale.

Fast forward, under these current circumstances, the leadership can help to right the wrongs to brighten the fortunes of the Party in breaking the 8-year political cycle in Ghana through drastic measures to nip it in the bud.

Factually, the Government of Nana/Bawumia has done tremendously well in the areas of Education, Health, Infrastructure Development, roads, digitization, and job creation for the masses. But the base of the Party remains pivotal when it comes to the success of the Party.

In conclusion, let’s focus on the message and not the initiator of the message to find an amicable resolution to the issues raised for redress. We are all in this together and we need to put our heads together to right the wrongs since we are dealing with humans.


Author: Abdulai Abdul Razak
Tamale South Constituency

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