Slain Soldier’s Girlfriend Dertained

The girlfriend of Trooper Imoro Sheriff, who was found murdered in Ashaiman, is in police custody for her own safety.

The Chronicle gathered from a Police Headquarters source that she has been in protective custody since Sunday.

Information available to the paper reveals that the deceased, 22, and his girlfriend, 20, have been lovers for the past three years and even expressed the desire to marry in future.

According to a source close to the girlfriend, she has not been seeing any other person beside the young soldier and so it is far from the truth to say that she might have been cheating on him.

It was also established that the young soldier went to stay in the girlfriend’s house from 22:00hrs on Friday to 02:00hours on Saturday, when he decided to leave for his mother’s home at Zongo Laka suburb.

He promised to sms her on reaching home, but it never came.

The following day, the girl, who recently gained admission to one of the tertiary institutions to read Engineering, only got wind of what befell the boyfriend on social media.
A highly placed security source intimated to these reporters that the action by the rampaging military in Ashaiman was probably to appease the soldiers and to ease the tension that was building in the various barracks.

The source alluded to the fact that the police, who are directly investigating the murder, were not party to the reaction by the military.

Meanwhile, several armed military personnel patrolled parts of Ashaiman on a rainy Tuesday morning to physically brutalise some residents to avenge the murder of their young colleague.

Imoro Sheriff, the soldier who was carrying a laptop and on his way to visit his mother’s home at Zongo Laka, in the early hours of Saturday, according to reports, was beaten to death by some thugs at Official Town, a suburb of Ashaiman.

His laptop was taken away by the unknown thugs, and to avenge the killing of the young soldier, military vehicles with armed personnel stormed parts of Ashaiman on Tuesday dawn and beat up anybody they spotted on sight.


While a Mowak was seen driving through the streets of Official Town, two buses with armed military personnel were also stationed at some junctions, where some young men were tortured in a pool of water by military personnel wielding clubs.

After turning parts of Ashaiman into a war zone, a military chopper was seen flying over the blue skies. However, at the GOIL Filling Station, opposite the Ashaiman Secondary School, the chopper flew below radar, sending residents running helter-skelter.

Armed military personnel took to the streets to torture several civilians, including some workers of B5 Plus Company, who were on a bus to work, on Tuesday morning.

Michael Amegbletor, 47, one of the workers of B5 Plus Company, reportedly sustained injuries on his head.
Another young guy was seen with blood on his face and bruises on his back. He warned residents to stay indoors to avoid the ordeal he went through in the hands of the soldiers.

In all these, the Ashaiman Divisional Police Command and the Municipal Chief Executive Officer remained mum over the brutalities, a situation that compelled the Member of Parliament for Ashaiman, Ernest Norgbey, to go on one of the radio stations to call on the Military High Command to call its men to order.

The Assemblyman for Official Town Electoral Area, Emmanuel Tetteh, expressed shock to The Chronicle that his phone calls to both the Ashaiman MCE and Divisional Command on Tuesday morning did not receive any assurance.

“I called the PRO for the Tema Regional Police Command and she promised to report the issue to her superior. As I speak to you, Taifa, Official Town, Valco Flat and parts of Middle East have been taken over by heavily armed soldiers,” Mr Tetteh narrated.

Videos available to The Chronicle showed the severity of the brutality by the armed military personnel in seeking revenge for the murder of Imoro Sheriff.

From John Bediako & Inusa Musah, Ashaiman

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