Man Sneaks into Compound at Night and Finds His Wife in Bed With Another Man, Kills Her and Children

Cheating has become a trend in recent years and it is not just a man’s game anymore. Women are also cheating on their husbands for different reasons such as boredom, anger, lack of bedroom satisfaction, or to have more control over their life and marriage.

Cheating has become so common that it is now considered a norm in some communities. It is seen as something that can be done without any consequences because there are no legal repercussions for it like divorce or criminal charges, which makes it even more dangerous because people often don’t think about the consequences when they cheat on their spouse.

A 40 years old man has wiped out his entire family from the face of the earth after he returned home at night. Philip who’s 40 years old currently making headlines on social media returned home from his outside work at night haven’t informed his wife of coming back saw the shock of his wife when he returned home and caught his legally married wife red handed on bed enjoying herself with another man in his house.


He alleges his wife brought a man into his house to merry with him while he had gone for outside work to provide good life for his family. He angrily attacked the man who overpowered him a d immediately ran away for his dear life. Philip picked a kitchen knife stabbed his wife, his 11 years old daughter, 7 years old son and 5 years old daughter to dead.

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