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Preventing Covid-19 Virus,DAMAK Wants Gov’t To Supply Free Clean Water Nationwide.

DAMAK sanitation Watch and Health a non governmental organization is appealing to the government to consider nationwide free water supply to improve the controlling of covid-19 pandemic.
DAMAKsanitation Watch and Health is a non governmental organization which is poised to ensure that eachvand every individuals irrespective of where one find him or herself will get access to portable drinking water and improving sanitation in the country.


The CEO of DAMAK sanitation Watch and Health in a phone in interview with choicemedia network Mr. Akgri M. Daniel said it’s high time government embark on a nationwide supply of portable water as a matter of urgency to ensure that people get water to wash their hands on time as directed by the WHO as one of the basic major preventive measures that one can use to protect himself from the deadly virus.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of DAMAK sanitation Health and Watch Mr.Akgri M.Daniel water played the most significant role in human life and one can not protect him or herself from this pandemic virus without getting accessible to clean water so the government should do all his best to ensure that good water must be provided to every households in the country.

We are appealing on government to consider using the fire service, military service, the police service etc water supply chanel to provide this escencial service making sure that people who find it difficult to get water have access.”he added.

We further appealing on the Ghana water company limited to put in place appropriate measures to enhance proper flow of water to reduce the challenge people go through over water.

In conclusion DAMAKsanitation Watch and Health further on advised the general public to adhere to the basic measures that have been outlined by the WHO as the key preventive tools in the covid-19 pandemic. These include, regular hand washing with running water and soap, use of alcoholic-based rub or sanitizers, covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with tissue and properly dispose off etc.

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