6 Foods People Who Are 50 And Above Should Eat Regularly To Stay Healthy

Do you know you can be 50 years and above and still slay? You can look good, healthy and strong even at that age but it takes conscious efforts and basic knowledge about our body’s dietary needs (what your body wants) to achieve that.

It is important to know that the dietary needs of people are not constant but changes with age, ie a diet that suites an infant can’t meet the requirements of a teenager, and a diet suitable for a teenager, may not be suitable for the aged.

As we age, our energy and metabolism reduce, the body organs become less active which make one more susceptible to diseases like diabetes, arthritis, heart problems and hypertension. But these conditions can be prevented when we consume healthy diets that meet our dietary needs

Below are 6 foods people who are above 50 should eat to live longer and stay healthy

1. Beans and other legumes

Studies have shown that people lose a certain percentage of their body mass every 10 years, which results in loss of energy and stability. However proteinous foods like beans can help to build your muscles hence adding stability and strength.

If you don’t want to look shaky and frail as you age, you should start consuming protein-rich diets of legumes after you’re 50.

2 Green leafy vegetables

Edible green leafy vegetables are essentials for those above 50, they contain nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc and yet are high in fibres which makes them easily digestible by the body.

Vegetables like spinach, lettuce, ugwu should be added to your diet, as they help slow down the ageing process, boost your immune system, metabolism and brain function.


3. Fish

Fish is another food that people who are 50 and above should consume regularly. Fish like Salmons have high omega-3 fatty acids which are rich in proteins, vitamins and iron.

They help to improve heart health as they decrease the level of cholesterol in the body while increasing muscle mass

3. Sweet potatoes

The assumption that sweet potatoes are not good for older people is a fallacy. Sweet potatoes are good for older people as they contain lots of fibres and nutrients.

Sweet potatoes help to slow the ageing process while boosting your immune system. That’s great right

4. Plain Yoghurt and Milk

These dairy foods which are rich in proteins, calcium, vitamins, zinc etc are essential for people in the mentioned age group as they help prevent osteo- problems like arthritis, commonly associated with this age range.

Calcium present in these foods can help to increase bone mass and density

5. Oats

At this age, it is advisable to cut down on starchy products like fufu, eba, apps and their likes which increase your blood sugar levels and consume more oats and wheat which does the opposite.

Many old age problems like diabetes, HBP, heart problems are linked to excessive build-up of cholesterol in the body. However, oats on the other hand help to reduce cholesterol hence reducing risks of having these diseases

6. Bananas and other potassium-rich sources

It’s a fact that as we age, the risk of having stroke and heart disease also increases, one way to lower this risk is to eat foods rich in potassium like bananas and avocados. Potassium also helps reduce blood pressure.

Stay healthy

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