Women Who Do Not Like Wearing Panties – This Is How It Affects Your Health

It is a norm today for women to go out without wearing panties. Different reasons account for women’s hesitation to wear panties while going out. Some women claim it shows in their dress. Others also say it prevents their backside from shaking.

Whatever the reason, women should understand that going out without panties may have different health implications. They could be positive or negative. It is up to every woman to weigh both and decide on what she sees best.

Where Did Panties Come from?

If you think panties are a modern invention, then you will need to research them more. There is a belief that they originated from ancient Egypt around 4400 BC during the Badari era. Then, both genders did not have a distinguished type.

Since the world is continually becoming a global village, the habit of wearing panties spread through empires and countries that encountered the Egyptian culture. The United States and the United Kingdom all accepted the norm but gave it different names (Underwear / Pant).

Whereas other places did not call it with similar names, they used it but in a different form. In the Akan people, it was part of their clothes. German women used to wear a long ones that you can lock on the thighs.

Why Do We Wear Panties?

Most people wear panties because it is a norm; they do it for other reasons without considering how it will impact their health. First, People wear panties for security. Most times, the unexpected can happen and you will end up with a torn cloth. The panties will cover your private parts from shame.

In Ghana, children were advised to wear panties as the wind can lift their clothes unexpectedly. Also, female adolescents who climb trees were protected from prying eyes that may see under their skirts.

Second, others also wear it to protect their clothes from becoming soiled with discharges or even sweat. Without wearing panties, a woman may wet her trousers with sweat after sitting down.

Health Benefits of Wearing Panties

Healthwise, wearing panties offer more than you can think of. First, it protects the private parts from dust. These specks of dust contain germs that can harm the woman. Even when the dust cannot enter the woman by blowing into the birth canal, sweat can carry the germs and dust down there. The effects are not good.

Panties also protect women when they are in the water. Particles and germs such as river flukes cannot enter them. It also absorbs dies and chemicals in the body that may seep into the woman’s body to cause infections.

Health Benefits of Not Wearing Panties

Not wearing panties can also have positive effects on the woman. First, it reduces heat and the growth of yeast infection or candida bacteria. Remember, yeast grows in a warm and moist area. Not wearing panties reduces your chances of getting a candidiasis.

Second, it prevents body odour. The idea is simple: Heat produces sweat, and it mixes with bacteria on the skin to produce a bad odour. This can be serious.

Last, not wearing panties keeps the body from sweat, germs and dust that accumulate in the panties which may lead to an infection.

Should You Wear Panties or Not

Wearing panties all the time is not good neither is not wearing them at all. The best idea is to wear it when going outside and remove it while in the house. At the night, before you sleep, you can wear a breathable one or sleep without it.

Do not underestimate how wise your parents are when they forced you to wear panties when you were young. Wear panties but make sure you allow fresh air down there.


Wearing panties have both positive and negative effects. It is up to every woman to decide when to wear it and when not to wear it. In whatever decision you take, prioritize your health.

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