Soak Prekese In Warm Water For About 30mins Drink it Morning And Evening To Treat These Diseases.


We are what we eat as it is been said.In today’s article we will be looking at “Prekese” and some Health benefits we get when we eat. Most of our parents and siblings use Prekese in preparing food because of it sweet fragrance. Aridan fruit contains compounds and antioxidants that are very beneficial to the body.Prekese is also rich in protein, lipids, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, calcium, sodium, copper, sugars and vitamin .

Talking about Prekese let us take note that, in Ghana Prekese is believed to drive away evil spirits but these have not been proven scientifically. But in the bible the is a bible verse that backs up the idea.

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Let me show you how I use to prepare my herbal medicine.

1. Boil water for about 10min.

2.Soak your Prekese in the warm water (about 5).

3.wait for about 30mins to obtain a darkish colour.

Drink It Morning And Evening To Treat These Diseases.

I. It helps control hypertension.

2. It helps control diabetes.

3. It helps impoves the quality of your hair.

4. It controls ulcer.

5. It is also a good immune boaster.

This herbal remedy is believed to treat the above diseases and have been proven scientifically.

Please do well to take them in the morning and evening before bed for about 2 weeks.


Please do well not to add salt to the herbal medicine. Also if you are on any medication do well to consult your Doctor before taking the drug.

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