Witches and wizards are afraid of these two bible verses it destroys them

Witches and wizards are as old as the earth itself. They’ve been around even before Ghana was conceived.
Flipping however the pages of the good book, you’ll find that the Israelites have witches among them. Motivation behind why God gave explicit directions concerning them.

1. Thou will not endure a witch to live. As such, when you discover anybody that is into black magic, execute the person in question right away. Departure 22:18

2. There will not be found with you any individual who makes his child or his girl to go through the fire, one who utilizes divination, one who rehearses black magic, or a magician, or an alchemist. Deut 18:10

3. Also, I will remove off black magics of thine hand; and thou shalt have no more seers: Micah 5:12

These three stanzas are the most assaulting refrains each witch hate to hear you read.

Be that as it may, you should peruse from a changed and changed heart. What’s more, you’ll win unquestionably.

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