Two spiritual reasons you must use bananas every night


As I drove from Bantama high street to Asafo this afternoon, a pregnant woman got my attention with her screams. She was screaming because her water has just broke and she was in labour. They were about to get a taxi but couldn’t get one going to the hospital. Many drivers didn’t want to take the pregnancy because of the water flowing from the womb. I parked and called them to bring her to the other road.

I had to stand in the middle of the ongoing traffic to bring it to a halt before the pregnant woman was brought to my car. I headed straight to the Suntreso Hospital because traffic at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital was so hectic. We arrived at the hospital and the poor woman had lost some blood. Her blood group was O negative and some was there waiting for her.

She was prepared for the theater but the baby wasn’t coming. After two hours of waiting and the baby was still not coming. Doctors were going to operate on her and asked me to fill the consent form. Meanwhile I wasn’t her family member but a Good Samaritan. Because of my background in native medicines and traditional spiritual fights, I have been educated by my grandma on how to use several ingredients to drive away spiritual forces. I begged the doctors to try one thing on her before they proceeded to the theater room for the surgery.

I took three bananas from a load of banana and went to the struggling mother. I gave her one to eat and performed a few things. Within 30 seconds and the baby came without a problem so I decided to share, what you can also do with bananas. Banana is known for fighting two spiritual fight, pregnancy and baby issues. If you know someone who is more than 12 months pregnant and is still struggling to give birth, then their help have arrived.

Use three bananas and you will be ok. Allow the person to eat one and use the remaining two to rub her hands and legs. Out of the three bananas, eat one of it and allow her to lay down. Use the remaining two bananas to rub her legs. One banana for one leg and one hand. Use the other banana to do the other leg. Rub the legs of the woman. Circling like massaging the legs with the banana. Wait for one minute and you will witness miracles right there. Within the one minute, the person will give birth. No matter which spiritual force holding the pregnancy, the spirit will run away and the baby will come.

The bananas are so powerful that they drive away every force holding a pregnancy. Evil powers can never hold the pregnancy at the sight of the bananas.

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