8 Powerful Mid-night Prayer Points Against Enemies of Progress

Brethren, we are to proclaim total war this hour against the adversaries of our headway (Nahum 3:4). In the event that we investigate this, we will find that the foes of progress are around us and have defeated numerous individuals’ advancement. What’s more, in that capacity, these people pass, however they’re across the board area. They work, yet like an elephant, they feed. Is that what God’s aims are for your life? Endless adherents are being cheated by the villain. Yet, today, we’d ascend at 12 a.m. to take this petition at 12 am without pardon. (Time: between 12:00 am and 2:00 am)

Galatians 6:17 says, From henceforward let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the signs of the Lord Jesus.”

Luke 10:19 Behold, I have given you position to step on snakes and scorpions, and over all the intensity of the foe and nothing will harm you.

“Gracious Lord friend in need, inside the name of Jesus, I am remaining before you requesting your beauty and absolution. Goodness, Lord, I realize that today around evening time I am not deserving of these petitions. Excuse me for my violations, for my missteps, for my concealed lifestyle. I concur that I am a delinquent. I am sorry today for my transgressions. For the sake of Jesus, I presently admit them to you. Father, for the sake of Jesus, whatever soul is reinforcing the fortification of transgression ought to be annihilated. Spare me by shedding your valuable blood on Calvary. Presently give me an indication that you have excused me and pile effortlessness on me (stand by and hear Him now a bit). Jesus, bless your heart. So help me, Lord, for the sake of Jesus.’


1. For the sake of Jesus, I draw down each special stepped area of mischievousness raised against my fate.

2. A coven of witchcraft in my neighborhood, depended for the sake of Jesus to annihilate my fate, to burst into flames.

3. Blessed Ghost, orchestrate my life for the sake of Jesus for viable and effective outcomes.

4. In this setting, my advancements are secured, delivered by fire, in Jesus ‘ name,

5. My gifts of respite, discharge by fire, for the sake of Jesus

7. In my life, you GO SLOW steam, burst into flames, DOUBLE ACCELERATION, find me, for the sake of Jesus,

8. Tribal Bad VEIL, covering my fate for the sake of Jesus, bursting into flames, bursting into flames, bursting into flames. My brilliance consuming in the malevolent pot, leaping out of the stove, for the sake of Jesus.

In the event that you know and accepted that your petition has been addressed yell seven amazing HALLELUYA

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