Treat typhoid, stomach ulcer, gastrointestinal affliction, fever with pawpaw leaves tea

Directions to prepare pawpaw Leaf tea.

2.Dried Pawpaw leaves

3.Water for percolating and warmth source.



1.Obtain a couple of sun dried pawpaw leaves.

2.Crush the leaves to get/structure a powder.

3.Take one teaspoon of powdered dried papaya leaves and add to one cup of percolating water.

4.Heat up the leaves for 10 minutes.

5.If essential wipe out the leaves from the tea by sieving.

6.Add a spoon of nectar or lemon to prepare the tea if it tastes unreasonably serious.

7.Take the tea reliably for a month morning and night.

Results achieved.

1.Prevents/thwarts cancer advancement. The pawpaw leaf tea can clear out the advancement of surprising cells and square the cancer improvement in this manner hindering ailments like responsive qualities and illness.

2.Facilitates acid reflux. Pawpaw leaves tea goes probably as a cleaning specialist and mitigates distress of the stomach related structure by reducing and cutting down disturbance of the stomach lining. This tea support processing which helps with working on powerless yearning. The stomach related issues, for instance, stomach infections, heartburn and irritated stomach could be lightened by the leaves of pawpaw.

3.Treats Typhoid fever. The signs of typhoid fever could be lessened by drinking the combination of pawpaw leaves regularly.

4.Moves back Aging. Apply the tea of pawpaw leaf on the skin reliably to achieve a more energetic looking and strong skin. This tea fixes the skin and keeps it from scant contrasts and kinks.

5.Grows Appetite. Pawpaw leaves tea makes longing to the people who have lost craving and premium to eat.

6.Clears out Cataracts eyes. The eye related issues, for instance, cascade and vision mishap could be killed by the combinations present in the pawpaw leaves.

7. Treats gastric Ulcer. Pawpaw leaves tea can treat the gastric ulcer and prevent oxidative load on the stomach.

8. Kills perilous body harms. Pawpaw tea helps with isolating the food and besides detoxifies the body. It furthermore propels more pee creation which helps in flushing harms out of the body.

9. Further develops Skin Health.The consistently affirmation of this tea helps with further developing the skin prosperity and hardships like rashes, minor cuts, scratches, bug snack, and consumes.

10. The blend of nectar and totally grounded papaya leaves helps with treating fever and hack.

11. Gastrointestinal ailment can be calmed by foaming papaya leaves in steaming hot water and taking the tea.

12. The use of rough papaya leaves updates the display in bed.

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