Mr Clement Agyei Sarfo Conveyor
Youth Empowerment Summit

The conveyor of Youth Empowerment Summit, Mr. Clement Agyei Sarfo has expressed requisite concern about the need for each and every one of this country to be alarmed over this deadly disease.
According to him the rescent panic buying of groceries, foodstuffs and other petroleum protect can cause havoc to everybody irrespective of where u find yourself.

Mr.Clement Agyei Sarfo in his usual motivational write ups known as mental capsules urging the youth to stand up and make different to the society highlighted the following key points,

Mr Clement Agyei Sarfo Conveyor
Youth Empowerment Summit

Exodus of people from ACCRA/KSI to areas that are not under lockdown.

  1. The people on the move can easily spread virus on the various buses conveying them from one point to another.
  2. Carriers of the virus traveling to the hinterlands can easily infect unsuspected people in those areas.
  3. Health centres in the hinterlands are largely challenged in terms of infrastructure and logistics so any possible outbreak of COVID-19 would be very disastrous to the entire country.
  4. Panic buying of groceries, foodstuffs and petroleum products is another time bomb waiting to explode in our faces. The likelihood of infection amidst people’s disregard for the social distancing protocols is very high. When people are in panic and frenzy mood they throw caution to the wind which is a precursor to unfettered spread of COVID-19.
  5. The unchecked migration to areas that are not under lockdown can fuel community or the horizontal spread of COVID-19.
  6. A lot of people in Ghana still think they are distant away from COVID-19. Many people are of the view that as long as they are far from ACCRA/KUMASI, they are “safe and exempted” which is why they are not taking any PRECAUTIONS against COVID-19.
  7. A greater number of people are ignorant and misinformed about the LOCKDOWN imposed by the President of the land. A proof of the ignorance and misinformation of the people is the panic buying and mass urban-rural migration we are witnessing since the President made the announcement.
  8. NB: Fellow Ghanaians we cannot afford to pay the same price Italy paid in relation to COVID-19 spread and havoc. At least we have the benefit of hindsight. We are in this together and we are either staying afloat together or sinking together. Let’s stay home, let’s stay focused on getting rid of the common enemy.

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