Ladies: Here Are Three Unexpected Dangers Of Wearing G-strings Or Thongs On A Regular Basis

People have strong feelings about what style, cut, fabric, and other factors are ideal for them and some even claim that ”no underwear is better than another” but it’s not so.

The dangers of wearing G-strings or thongs everyday are listed below.

1. Infections of the opening.

Thongs might be harmful to those who wear them on a daily basis. Urinary tract infections and the opening infections are the beginning of the health problems. The area around the Bartholdi’s glands, which create lubricant during physical contact is irritated and inflamed by thongs.

They said that if the glands’ ducts became hemmed, a cyst could form near to the opening. Simply said, thongs irritate the opening and prevent it from getting enough air, revealing the string’s damaging nature.

2. Infection with yeast

According to a study, thongs can increase your chances of having a yeast infection due to the excess moisture that builds up due to the tight fit. G-strings should be avoided because it causes yeast infections, according to Vagisil, a producer of a drug used to treat yeast infections.

3. Skin reactions

Chafed skin, irritation, and infection are some of the side effects of wearing a g-string. When the thong brushes against the skin’s sensitivity, it causes chafed skin. If not treated promptly, this can become infected and unpleasant.

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