Social Media Reacts As A Viral Picture Of Young Man Sleeping In Wheelbarrow Pops Online

A viral picture that has taken a trend on social media has spotted a young man who was seen sleeping in a wheelbarrow. From the look of things, the young man went to the street to hustle for what to eat. But it seems the idea was changed when he entered the street instead of working choose to sleep. The attention of the public has been brought to a comment made on social media by a user after most people could not keep quiet over it.

“They are the people when they make it one day and come and tell us some time ago we were on the street, we will believe them”, he wrote. The comment made by gum seems to make more emphasis on the people who go on the street not purposely hustling but to do something else. The young man is seen in the viral picture sleeping in the middle of the street while people were chasing others for jobs. What this social media user says, could be true to some extent because sleeping during working hours is not allowed in some countries and Ghana. You may be asking why this is so, but the fact is sleeping while work is in progress is not allowed. It could be that the young man is tired and needs to rest so he decided to sleep in the wheelbarrow. It is sad to see the youth working from different angles to acquire earn meat and they deserve credit for that.

The youth in Ghana are struggling to survive and cater to their families and as a result, trying different angles to succeed. The government should work it out to help the youth get job opportunities to explore their talents. Youth in Ghana can help build the economy and if attention is given to them would help build a better Ghana.

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