Signs That Your Body Needs Deworming

One way to become infected with intestinal worms is eating undercooked meat from an infected animals,such as a cow, pig or fish. Other possible causes leading to intestinal worm infection include; consumption of contaminated water, contaminated soil, contaminated feces, poor sanitation and poor hygiene. Here are signs that you have worms and you need deworming;

1•Worms in stools _ If yoh spot live worms in your poop, it means that the worms are so many in your system such that some of them are exerted together with the feces. In severe cases, you might also spot some whitish stuff which could be eggs or maggots that will soon mature ito worms.

2•Loss of appetite _ Loss of appetite can result from other things but it could also signal the presence of worms in your body. The worms interfere with tbe digestive system leading to loss of appetite. Also, most worms secrete an acid into the lining of the stomach hence tampering with your appetite.

3•Rashes _ When you have worms ,yoj are likely to get reddish skin rashes that might also be itchy. The rashed occur as a result of chemical substances released by the worms into your body.

4•Itchy anus_ If you have itchy anus ,deworm immediately to prevent further multiplication of the worms. When some worms are excreted through the feces some may get trapped in the anus and continue thriving there making you feel itch.

5•Unexplained weight loss_ If you are not trying to lose weight but you weigh less every time you step on the weighing scale,could be enough that the worms eat up some of the nutrients leaving your body with very little.

6•Hungervafter eating _ Since the worms depend on what you eat, don’t be surprised if you eat without getting full. Just visit the doctor or get some deworming tablets from the chemist.Hope you have now known the signs that your body needs deworming.

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