Shortage Of Dogs Hits Upper East Region

Dogs are gradually becoming an endangered species in the Upper East Region due to an abnormal high consumption of dog meat in the region. It is estimated that about 2500 dogs are consumed in a day leading to the current shortage. I visited about ten of the popular dog meat joints in the Bolgatanga township but met a visibly disappointed customers discussing the shortage of their delicacy.

My interactions with some of them convinced me that they have become addicted to the dog meat as the vendors tried to offer them pork which was available but they were not interested. Some of them were making phone calls to other vendors in different locations to find out if they have the dog meat but the responses were the same, ” No dog meat ” It is a general situation across the region. Enquiries I made from Navrongo, Sandema, Wiaga, Fumbisi, Paga, Zebila, Tongo and many other communities in the region confirmed that there is a serious shortage of dogs in the region. I spoke to some of the dog meat vendors from Tongo District and they confessed that they don’t get dogs to buy in the region recently.

Some vendors have to travel to the North East Region and other regions just to get the dogs and come and serve their customers. One leg of the dog meat costs between Ghs100 and Ghs150 depending on the location. The eaters of the dog meat are not gender biased. Both men and women are patronising it. The working class especially the teachers, nurses are all enjoying it. Religious wise, only the serous and committed Muslims that do not eat the dog meat in the region. Almost all Christians and traditionalists are all inside except a few of them.

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