Serious Mistakes Midwives Make That Kill Babies Every Day

In all areas of healthcare, midwives remain those who have handled almost every individual on earth. Pharmacists, surgeons, and optometrists may treat some individuals but midwives have almost handled the life of every single individual on earth.

If men think they do not need midwives, they should understand that these groups of health workers needed to save their lives before their eyes could open. Also, a man saw his pregnant wife again because a midwife decided not to commit mistakes.

Humans make mistakes but a midwife should not. Labour is a crucial moment with two lives at stake. When any ordinary health worker makes mistakes, it usually affects one person but a mistake by a midwife may claim two lives.

Sometimes, these mistakes will not only cause death but will leave permanent damage on the life of the child that the parents would wish he or she was stillborn. Below are three mistakes midwives should avoid.

Prenatal Negligence

Midwives, especially found in small communities, are supposed to warn pregnant mothers of any impending danger. For example, a pregnant mother may be severely anaemic. It is the responsibility of the midwife to point these things to the mother.

There could also be a vitamin deficiency. The midwife should be equipped with enough knowledge on these issues. Unfortunately, students today do not learn but uses protocols to advance themselves. Iron deficiency, ectopic pregnancies and other conditions can cause stillbirths and maternal mortalities.

Labour Negligence

During labour, the midwife should pay attention to a lot of details. One is checking the heartbeat of the baby. This is important since lack of oxygen may cause cerebral palsy or death. Danger signs such as excessive bleeding should not be ignored.

Cutting the umbilical cord should be done correctly and with sterilized instruments. Using any instrument may cause tetanus.

Postnatal Negligence

After labour, the work of a midwife is not over. She has to check up on the woman. Signs of serious diseases and infections must be taken care of. Children born to women suffering from STIs such as gonorrhoea need special eye treatment to prevent blindness.


Nutrition, childhood killer diseases and other conditions must be monitored. A midwife is accountable to God and any negligence is a form of wickedness. Let us support women.

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