Stop wasting money on drugs. Boil prekese in water, drink daily and say goodbye to these diseases.

Medical advantages of drinking boiled prekese (Prekese tea).

Tetrapleura tetraptera (Prekese) as scientically called is a flowering plant species groups in the Peg family that is local to Western Africa. The plant is called Prekese in the Twi dialect of Ghana and Aidan in English .It is notable for its medicinal advantages and aromatic flavor.


It may be found in each home in Ghana and Nigeria. Individuals add them to their soups and other dishes to give it a natural aromatic taste.


In this article, we are going to look into the preparations and medical advantages of boiled prekese.


For medicinal purposes, you are to cut few pods of prekese l into pieces and boil in water for around 40 minutes. Drink half cup morning and night for a month. In serious cases, the pods are ground and mixed with honey or palm bit oil. Leaves, roots and bark are additionally cooked like the fruits and taken two times daily to get the accompanying medical advantages recorded underneath.


1. Hypertension:


Extract from the boiled fruits, leaves, roots, and bark of prekese plant is utilized to forestall and control high blood pressure.


2. Fibroid:


Prekese fruits are highly successful in the avoidance, shrinking and total treatment of fibroids in ladies. Ladies who go through Aidan fruits to spice their food sources or drink boiled prekese water daily seldom foster fibroids. The people who as of now have fibroids can drink boiled prekese juice to contract it.


3. Joint inflammation:


Boiled Aidan organic product has calming and hostile to oxidative properties which are highly compelling in the counteraction, the board, and treatment of joint pain. Boiled prekese frees torments from joint inflammation.


4. Epilepsy and Convulsions:


Various examinations have uncovered that extract from boiled prekese fruits has anticonvulsant and cerebrum stabilizing properties which are the justification behind its inhibitory consequences for the focal sensory system in forestalling spasms and epilepsy.


5. Erection:


Boiled Prekese water mix with garlic further develops erection and serxual drive in men.


6. Boosts the immune system:


Prekese fruits contain key minerals and nutrients, for example, vitamin A, B, C and D, zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium and so on. These fundamental minerals and nutrients help to strengthen the body immune system. In this way, taking prekese tea assist with boosting the immune system to battle against sicknesses.


7. Diabetes and Cholesterol


Drinking boiled prekese tea daily helps to lower blood sugar and blood cholesterol level. This helps to safeguard the heart.


8. Boost ovulation and Menstruation


Drinking boiled prekese tea helps to boost ovulation and increases the number of eggs released during ovulation (increases chances of twinning)… Boiled prekese additionally helps regularizes menstruation and restores stopped menstruation. Boiled prekese boost richness in all kinds of people. Thank you.

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