Myths About Statues In Various SHS You Have Probably Not Heard Of

Every Senior High School in this country has one or two myths known by their students and this article is going to unveil a few of them. Some students strongly believe in these sayings but for me, I just think they were framed to help beef up security.

Nobody would want to go out at night if they are told there is a woman who walks around with a knife searching for students. I think this is the whole point of those ideologies. Let’s move through them;

1. This statue is found in Prempeh College and is known as “The Unknown Amanfour”. I heard this name was given to him so as to honor the Old students of the school, who wouldn’t be remembered in the near future should in case they don’t become famous.

The students claim that whenever you go near him at night, he will ask you to hold his books because he is tired.

2. People claim this statue in St. Monica’s Senior High School will read the contents in the book to you when you go close to her at night. The funny part is that, she will chase you if you decide not to listen.

3. Students of Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ Senior High School have been made to believe that the crocodile over there will chase you out, if you get close to them at night.

4. It is said that these two statues in Abuakwa State College engage in a love affair at night. How interesting it must be.

The fun part of it all is that, most students are made to believe these sayings. Well, there is no truth in them. I guess they were all made up to keep students asleep at night.

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