6 Reasons Why Beautiful Ladies Are Not Getting Husbands

In Ghana and Africa, beautiful women are always adored yet when it comes to marriage, some beautiful ladies struggle to get husbands. Below are some reasons why some beautiful ladies easily get into relationship but find it difficult to get marriage.
1. Many beautiful ladies lack respect and a good character: Beauty had sent a lot of ladies into marriage but character is busy returning them back to their fathers home. So beautiful ladies should always update our character not our makeup. Men by nature need to feel respected.

2. They are too selective and heavily engulfed in choice making with lots of expectations:

The beautiful ladies always want rich men to marry, they are very rude when men without car or nice clothes and shoes approach them on Marriage, in Ghana too, the rich men are only few so how can they get Marriage.

3. Some guys are just cowards and can’t propose to the beautiful ones:

just because of the prejudice that they are meant for the rich men and as such, they won’t accept the advances. Many of them are fed up because they have come to realise that men don’t trust them.

4. Arrogance ,disrespect and lack of skills:

Some beautiful ladies don’t know how to perform household chores because long artificial nails and outing won’t allow them stay home to help their parents and learn. Many men will usually go for ladies that can cook well for them

5. Double edged sword:

Most of them have allowed their beauty to compromise their character. On the other hand, many men also like shopping the beautiful ladies just like that but never want them as wives because of the preconceived idea that the beautiful ones can’t be faithful as wives.

6. It varies in many ways.

Some of them are arrogant due to their beauty Some of them are very demanding of money in other to maintain their beauty. Some of them are not faithful to one partner.

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