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How To Conceive Twins Babies Naturally


Do you want to raise your chances of having multiple babies naturally without IVF? Then this post is for you



Cassava has been used in many parts of the world to increase fertility in women. More fascinating, is the fact that eating cassava regularly can also give you twins by aiding the ovaries release more than one egg. In a Yoruba town called Igbo-Ora, the rate of twin live births are 4 times higher than the rest of the world and it has been linked to the Yoruba women’s frequent consumption of this tuber


*Once you suspect you are ovulating, start taking cassava more frequently

(You can alternatively get a cassava supplement but make sure you get it from a good supplement brand)

Continue to take it while on your period.

*Continue like this every cycle

*Stop when you suspect you are pregnant



When used for infertility, wild yam boosts the estrogen levels and improves the quality and the quantity of cervical mucus. For production of twins,they hyper-stimulate the ovaries resulting in twin conception. It contains DIOSGENIN (a chemical substance used by pharmacists to develop one of the the most expensive fertility drugs in the world)!!!.

Note: The Igbo-Ora women also use this for fertility and didn’t pay a dime for IVF.

Aside giving you twins, the presence of diosgenin in wild yam also:

*Increases libido

*Treats erectile dysfunctions

*Balances hormones

*Increase Ovulation

*Boost testosterone

*Can be used to increase breast and buttocks

*promote hair growth

*Helps with vaginal dryness

*Helps relieve menopausal symptoms

*Reduces inflammation

*Lowers Cholesterol

*lowers blood sugar

*Kills cancer cells!


Amazing list right?. Today we’ll be focusing on how to use it for hyper-fertility alone



*Cook it with the skin. Peel the skin after cooking. You can eat it with your preferred sauce

*Slice the raw yam in small pieces and leave under hot sun until it becomes very dry

*Take it and powder it in your food processor

*Sprinkle on every meal you eat

*With the powdered method, you can consume it everyday especially on ovulation periods.

*Stop immediately you get pregnant.



Flaxseed has great abilities to balance hormones in women, correct menstrual problems, treat infertility and of course, give twins naturally.


*Take one tablespoon of flaxseed oil from the first day of your period and continue into your next ovulation.

*Stop treatment once you take in





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