My husband starves me of food but satisfies me well in bed – Lady narrates

Every marriage has its own challenges and how to manage the turbulence depends on the couple. Sometimes when there is a misunderstanding between both it takes one to calm down to earth before everything can be solved but if all become angry, it will be very difficult to solve issues. It is one principle of managing a home. There are several broken homes these days due to lack of understanding and reasons best known to the couple involved. There are statistics that revealed increasing number of divorce every year.

However, a lady was seen on Obra show in the studios of Nhyira FM with the husband as she was pleading the husband to forgive her for what she has done. According to her, when she was staying with the husband she was been starved of food. And anytime she complains he will tell her to go to her mother and eat and he will also go and eat at his mother’s house. She said despite what she was going through, her husband was satisfying her very well in bed but it was only food that she wasn’t getting to eat.

She became fed up and packed her things and left the house without informing him. She packed all her belongings and left for her mother’s place because she thought she wasn’t getting fair treatment. But she has thought it wise that what she did wasn’t good so she wants Nhyira FM to plead on her behalf so that the husband will accept her back. The host was even surprised because she said she wasn’t getting food to eat so why then is he pleading to go back. Does it mean she is only going because of what she gets in bed?

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