6 Things A Woman Might Do To Test You Before Dating You

You will hardly find a woman who will enter into a relationship without first observing the man so that she can get some insight into what kind of man he is. Ladies usually do this because they want to be sure if he’s the kind of man they want.

A man who has had several experiences in relationship matters will understand that when you first meet a woman and declare your interest, she might decide to go expressionless or mute for some weeks to know if you are a man who has a short fuse or can put up with her attitude.

Normally, this is an opportunity for a man to demonstrate his maturity to the lady by not reacting negatively to her attitude. The chase is something that some women admire in a man who is interested in them. It’s like an adventure to them.

They know that if they easily give you a yes as an answer, you won’t feel the need to chase them for a relationship. While you are chasing them and they are ignoring you, they are also taking quick notice of your reaction towards them. Here are some of the things she might do to test you:

1. She will decide not to respond to phone calls and messages. She will do this to know if you will send abusive messages to her or block her because she ignores you. She will try to do this for some time before she decides to have a relationship with you.

2. She will ask you for assistance and watch if you will start avoiding her because she needs something from you. She just wants to know if you are a man who is very caring or careless.

4. If you tell her that you want both of you to meet face-to-face, she will turn down your request and watch your reaction. She wants to observe whether you are only interested in her body or whether you want a serious relationship.

5. When you try to woo her, she will tell you that she’s not interested in any relationship for now. She wants to be sure if you truly love her and are ready for a healthy relationship or if you are only trying to flirt.

6. Some ladies can even tell you that they have a boyfriend and that you shouldn’t disturb them. They do this because they feel that you already have a boyfriend.
This can happen to you, especially if you are good-looking, and some ladies will assume that you have a lot of girlfriends when you are single and searching.

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