3 Signs Of Fake Love In A Relationship

Falling in love can be the most euphoric feeling in the world. You feel like you could move heaven and earth split to see down the middle to be with them.

What if this person you feel so strongly for doesn’t actually feel the same way?

Want to find out who really loves you and who’s just pretending? Here are 8 cognitive signs to tell the difference:

1. They Don’t Trust You

When someone doesn’t trust you they will not confide in you, and may question a lot of what you say. Generally relationships revolve around trust, and once that is gone they say the foundation collapses. If you are in a relationship with someone who doesn’t trust you, then that is a sign of fake love. Someone who loves you genuinely will trust you. They will trust what you say, your actions and everything you do.

2. They Don’t Prioritize You

If they do not make you a priority at all, then I would say that is a sign of fake Love in a relationship. If they are only focused on themselves, they’re probably not ready for a relationship or they just don’t like you enough to make you their number one priority. Sometimes, we need to feel like we matter to the people closest to us. When you don’t feel like that, then the Love is fake.

Do they treat you like trash? No matter how busy they say they are, if they really love you and want to be with you, they’ll do their best to make time for you. Instead of just giving you empty excuses and half-hearted promises.

3. They Control You

Are you being controlled by your partner? Here are examples of a controlling partner:

• they always decide what you both will do and when you both will do it.

• they never agree to do anything with you when you want to do it.

• they never like what you like, and so on.

Does this sound like familiar behavior?

If this is obvious in your relationship, then your partner is showing signs of fake Love. In a healthy relationship, this is absent. True love lets you be your own person while in fake love they doesn’t.

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