5 Reasons Why Intelligent People Struggle To Find Love

Indeed, many people cannot still fathom why intelligent people struggle to find love. As time passes by, many people continue to fall in love with the woman of their dreams and therefore such love is been reciprocated whilst others fall in love with the wrong person. Below are some reasons why intelligent people struggle to find love.
They are comfortable being independent

Intelligent people are mostly comfortable with living as singles. They have the notion that, it is better to live a comfortable life without being stressed by someone they fall in love with. They always see that being independent is the best option if they want a happy life.


They value personality more than appearance

Before an intelligent person would fall in love with you, they value the kind of personality you have more than your physical appearance. Intelligent people normally believe that appearance are deceptive so finding a man or woman who has a great personality score would match up to theirs.

They prefer not be deprived of their freedom

Intelligent people have the perception that they are responsible for the life they are living and therefore don’t want such freedom to be deprived. They make sure to live their lives according to the principles they’ve set for themselves.

They trust their minds more than heart

It is no doubt that Intelligent people really struggle to find love since they trust their minds more than their heart. They always believe it is almost impossible for their minds to fail them and therefore puts so much trust in it more than the heart of another person.

They have high standards

They have bigger priorities as to the kind of man or woman they want. They consider much on certain key things such as good morals, discipline, work ethic and without that, you are definitely not their choice no matter how you’ve fallen for them.

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