Let us Support the E-levy, Ghanaians told

As the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the minority in parliament are hesitant to vote for the passing of the Electronic Transaction Levy (E- levy) bill, some Ghanaians are in support with the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the majority in parliament and are clamoring for the passage of the levy.

One of such Ghanaians who are in support of the E- levy is Bismark Ayensu, the Chairman of the Newspapers Vendors Association in the Ashanti Region, who are going from office to office in the Kumasi Metropolis to explain to people the need to embrace the levy.

Accordingto him, the NDC are reluctant to accept the levy because they believe that when it is passed, there will be money in the system for the sitting government to do more projects and that would affect their (NDC) chances of regaining power.”Because the NPP is implementing the E- levy that is why the NDC is doing everything to frustrate them.

NDC knows that if NPP is able to implement the levy there will be some money in the kitty and so they will be able to undertake development and projects in Ghana for the benefit of the people,” he opined, adding that, the introduction of the levy will shore up revenue to manage the country’s economic crises instead of going for a loan from outside.“I cannot fathom why the NDC can be so callous to Ghanaians. In their own manifesto, it was explicitly stated that there will be a uniform payment for electronic transactions so why do you refuse to accept the E- levy,” he quizzed.“They (NDC) are claiming the levy is insensitive and will worsen the suffering and economic hardships in the country but that is never true, instead the NDC know that with the passage of the levy, it will make the NPP popular and keep them (NPP) in power for long,” he said.

Mr. Ayensu opined that the E- levy is an optional tax but not obligatory tax and called on all Ghanaians to embrace it.“The E- levy is optional, if I want to give money to you and I don’t want to use Momo or whatever I can come to you directly and give you the money and I will not pay any tax on it. I only pay when I use Momo and I do not see the reason why the minority always fight over this in parliament whenever it is raised. I see it as an optional tax and not obligatory tax,” he explained.


By David Afum  – Kumasi

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