If You’ve Never Tried Dandelion Then After Reading This, You Should Give It A Try. Amazing Plant.

The entire dandelion plant from the blossom all the way down to the roots are useful to the body. Don’t be shy in harvesting it (from unsprayed areas) and putting it to use.


Parts used: flower, leaf, and root.

This is a wonderful herb for the liver, heart, and kidneys. It helps stimulate liver function in general, aiding digestion as it does.

It is also a prime kidney herb, helping to relieve water retention without exhausting the kidneys. It treats gallbladder problems, edema, high blood pressure, heart weakness, skin problems, and many other conditions.

Dandelion can help:

Detox: Dandelion greens help detox the liver. Eat them raw in salads or toss them into tasty smoothies.

Ease Joint Pain: Dandelions are known for fighting inflammation. infuse the blossom oil for a soothing oil to rub into arthritic joints.

Salad: The greens make for a tasty and nutritious salads. Pick the younger, smaller leaves for a more tender, less bitter flavor.

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