If you have 3 lines on your Palm instead of 4, here is what it means

Palmistry is the art of or practice whereby a person’s character of future can be interpreted, predicted or foretold through the lines on his palm depending on his or her gender and the number of lines available.

Palmistry is mostly common in Africa and the Asian continents who are mostly the most superstitious continents on earth.

Let us get to know what it means if you have 3 lines on your palms unlike the usual 4 almost everyone has nowadays but first of all let us understand each of the lines and what they represent since people think those lines have no relevance and are just there for no reason.

The first line from the top represents the heart and is called the heart line because and shows how affectionate a person may be depending on how deep they are, but in a case that it is faint or broken then the person may not be someone who falls in love easily.

The middle line also known as the head or wisdom line shows the IQ level or intelligence level of a person and if it is very long and stretches from the far end to the other then that particular individual is a bright person.

The third of final line shows how healthy, fit and strong a person is and how he or she is able to respond to diseases, tough times and in handling matters.

In a nutshell, those with 3 lines a very gifted people who are smart and intelligent and hardly fall ill, they also live very long and are mostly very influential to the society, those with four lines on the other hand may have any of the 3 above in addition to an extra line which makes them extraordinary people and are very gifted.

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