Blind Man Who Discovered Abedi Pele In 1975 Honored And Awarded

Yesterday’s night was absolutely a great night for all stakeholders of Ghanaian football. The Ghana Football Awards went on successfully and there was merry, fun, entertainment and some histories were also made.

But what made the night very interesting was recognition that Ghana Football Awards gave to a legend in Ghanaian colts football.

After several awards were given, a man who is believed to be the one that discovered the great Abedi Pelé was honoured and given an award for his contributions to Ghanaian football and to colts football in Ghana.The man who is now blind is no other than Abedi Pelé’s first colts coach Herbert Adika.

Herbert Adika

He was honoured with a citation and an award. Abedi Pelé played for Herbert Adika at Herbert colt’s football club, Great Falcos. It is known that, Mr Herbert Adika discovered Abedi Pelé decades ago at the juvenile level in football. This in a way shows that, no one would have heard of Abedi Pelé if Herbert Adika did not find and groom him.

Just like Herbert Adika was honoured so was his former player Abedi Pelé also honored. Abedi was presented with the living legend award.


Ghana Football Awards should continue to honor such great people in football, because without them Ghana wouldn’t have had good and great players.

On the other hand, Strasbourg defender, Alexander Djiku won both the Footballer of the Year Award and the Foreign Based Footballer of the Year Award.

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