Ashanti Region: Woman, 62 Shot To Death For Attempting To Look Into The Faces Of Armed Robbers

A 62 year old pety trader in Drobonso in the Sekyere Afram Plains district met her untimely death over the weekend as armed robbers fired bullets in her head, according to reports available to CitizenOne.

According to eye witnesses who narrated the sad incident to this reporter, the armed robbers had blocked a section on the Drobonso-Kumawu road robbing commuters of their belongings. The first victim was a taxi driver being driven by a police officer who was in mofti. A survivor said the driver sensed danger from afar when the men tried to stop him. He reportedly veered off his road in attempt to run over the men numbering five some of whom were standing in the middle of the road. The robbers believed to be Fulanis ran into the bush and vehicle passed safely.

The next victim, also a taxi was not lucky enough as the armed men succeeded in stopping it. A trotro and another taxi in which the deceased was in followed closely.

The survivors told this reporter that, the armed men all of whom were in mask ordered all passengers to lie with faces down. After they were almost done with their operation, the deceased lift up her head in attempt to look into the face of one of the robbers. The armed man who got angry at the attitude of the woman opened fire on her killing her on the spot before they ran into the nearby bushes.

All other passengers were robbed of money, mobile phones and other valuables. They also beat them mercilessly in the process.

The Kumawu Divisional Police have taken over the case as investigations continue.

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