A Palm Symbol For Happy And Successful Marriage.

The cultural differences that exist between various countries have a significant impact on how people see marriage.

Marriage is important milestone in every individual’s life. One of the main reasons that people approach palmistry is to determine if their marriage will be successful. Off course, the secret of a happy marriage depend on how the two partners gel to each other. But a sigh of happy marriage in palmistry can also give vital clues.

Both the bride and the groom should have long life spans, normal intelligence, good fortune, and affection for their life partner and family members in order to have a successful married life. The life line, head line, fate line, and heart line of both palms must be studied to measure these traits.

The married life will be happy if both have a good life line without faults, a moderate head line, a good fate line, and a good heart line without imperfections.

Aside from these fundamental features, there are a few unique factors to consider for a happy marriage. The following are examples:

1. The couple should be at calm mentally. They should not be consumed by anxiousness, suspense, hopelessness, or a negative outlook. The lines in the hand should be examined to assess these qualities. If both the bride and the groom’s hands have several small and long lines that resemble a spider’s web, then both have all of the above-mentioned bad qualities, and the marriage will fail.

2. The important part required for a successful married life is to respect the whims and fancies of one’s life partner and to adjust oneself to the situation. The index finger of both hands is used to assess this quality. The ego is represented by the index finger (Jupiter’s finger). If it is long, one will show dominance and disregard for the opinions of others. One will always be the boss and will not be led by others. So much so that if both the bride and the groom had lengthy index fingers, none would care for the other, resulting in confusion.

3. To deal with any life event, the couple should follow to established rules, discipline, discrimination, and a sensible approach. The shape of the hand and fingers will be inspected to determine this. Both the bride and the groom should have a square hand and square fingers to possess the following attributes. They should also have a strong thumb. It must not be short, curled, or rigid.

4. For a happy marriage, neither partner should have any unusual qualities or attributes. A good fate line should be in the hands of both to analyze these attributes. The normal location of the horizontal tri radius should be used.

She will have obedience, respect for others, and a love for nature if her fate line begins on the summit of luna. As a result, if her husband treats her with tenderness, their marriage will be quite happy.

If the fate line begins at the peak of luna and ends right before the head line, she is extremely obedient and worships her husband as God, serving him well regardless of his qualities or demerits. This type of bride’s destiny line makes wedded life very happy.

On the other side, if the bride’s fate line is missing, it will be impossible to analyze her behavior and conduct. Similarly, if neither partner has a positive fate line, their married life would be unhappy. If both partners have poor fate lines, the marriage will not be happy.

Palmistry can thus be used to determine marriage compatibility.

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