5 harmful things some ladies do to their private organs

There are certain things that you do to your private part which are harmful yet you do not realize. These things could have disastrous consequences such as itching, unusual discharge, or growth of germs. Below are five dangerous things you must never do to your private part.

1. Use of soap on your private part: your delicate organ possesses self-cleaning properties. It is naturally cleaned by some bacteria present in the inner region. The use of soap washes away these bacteria and as a result, causes irritation and foul-smelling discharge. Supposed you already suffer from these complications, you should immediately contact a medical practitioner for treatment.

2. Consistent shaving of hair: removal of hair in your private part causes irritation and rashes. It also causes the growth of hair internally which could result in infection. There is no proven medical advantage of shaving hair therefore scientists advise that shaving should not be done consistently.

3. Wearing tight underwear: skimpy underwear provides germs with a warm and moist environment which encourages growth and reproduction. The lack of ventilation also causes the generation of bad odor. If you feel uncomfortable wearing slack underwear, you should make use of those made of 100% cotton.

4. Having intercourse consistently: if you have unprotected intercourse and your partner ejaculate inside you, the semen released can irritate women. This is because it changes the way your immune system works. It can be solved by simply urinating after intimacy even if no protection was used.

5. The use of contraceptives: some women use contraceptives to avoid pregnancy forgetting the negative consequences involved. Some victims have complained of increased discharge, dryness, and vaginal irritation after taking these pills. There are also a few cases of infertility after usage.

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