Residents of Asonomaso living in fears over continues attacks by armed robbers

Residents of Asonomaso in the Kwabere East municipality in the Ashanti Region are calling for increased police presence following a series of armed robbery incidents in the area. The residents say they are living in fear since armed robbery activities are very common in the community.

According to them armed robbery incidents in the area have seen a sharp rise in recent weeks and called on the Ghana Police Service to expedite investigations and intensify police patrol to deter robbers.

They said the incidents have left residents in fear and affected business activities in the area.

“We are leaving in fear and armed robbery has been a normal thing, day in and day out, armed robbers are on us, especially on business people which is a threat to our lives and also worsening the working conditions here.”

The residents are calling on the police to enhance security measures in the area and also urge authorities to step up efforts to address the security concerns.

They said, “The last time they came around, they jumped from this wall and entered the house. We were afraid. We would be glad if security is enhanced in the area. The situation in this area is dire. Our security is at stake, and we want the IGP to make some arrangements so that the police will be patrolling here more often.”

They added, ”Our safety is seriously compromised here. We implore the government to intervene and assist us. According to them, this attack marks the fourth occurrence and has been extremely challenging for them.

One resident reiterated, “over the years we residing here we are now confronted with this alarming situation, leaving us gripped with fear. We earnestly request continuous police protection.”

Some residents who faced a nighttime attack, shares her ordeal with otec fm news reporter Simon Opoku Afriyie .

“Last month, around 2 a.m., I heard a disturbing sound – it seemed like someone was forcefully hitting my door with a 6-inch block. I quickly woke up, realizing it was an intrusion. With my children beside me, I moved them to safety. Upon entering, the armed individuals brandished a gun, demanding money. I surrendered all the cash I had on me.

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