Leadership is about service to people and Alhaji Fuseini Musah has displayed great compelling leadership qualities of service to humankind in the Tamale South Constituency.

He understands the needs and challenges of good people and continues to work tirelessly with a commitment to bring back smiles with innovative ideas and policies.

The values of the altruistic Alhaji Fuseini Musah are anchored on kindness, generosity, empathy, integrity, honesty, hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance.

Certainly, he has set the ball rolling with visible projects ongoing to serve the needs of the good people of Tamale South Constituency. He walks the talk and sets the pace for others to follow.

Alhaji Fuseini Musah believes in finding lasting solutions to challenges faced by people through actions rather than talk. He is the game changer in Tamale South Constituency politics.

Largely, Alhaji Fuseini Musah is accessible, open, and a good listener who finds time for people far and near for important discussions on personal and community development issues.

Without any shred of doubt, he is the only candidate who has started visible projects that inure to the benefit of the people in the areas of water, health, and other equally imperative developmental needs of the good people.

When one takes a close look at the political space or dynamics in the Constituency, it gives hope and a sense of belonging with the activities undertaken by him all geared towards serving the people for an all-inclusive approach.

The leadership qualities exhibited by the workaholic Alhaji Fuseini Musah remind me of the revered late Alhaji Mustapha Ali Iddris who sowed great seeds that the residents of Tamale South Constituency are benefiting from.

In all sincerity, the Constituency is blessed to have a leader who has distinguished himself with the requisite skills of serving without discrimination and selectivity.

I urge the good people of Tamale South Constituency to rally behind Alhaji Fuseini Musah for the tremendous work done so far and vote massively for a new paradigm shift hinged on youth and women empowerment across the length and breadth of the Constituency.

In a nutshell, the time has come for the Constituents of Tamale South Constituency to think about the future of the next generation and give the mantle of leadership to the pacesetter Alhaji Fuseini Musah in the December 7 Parliamentary elections.


It’s possible!

Motto: Peace, Unity, and Development.

By: Abdulai Abdul-Razak; Communication officer Tamale South Constituency, NPP.

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