W/N-R: Juaboso Npp Refutes Hon Kwabena Mintah Akandoh’s False Allegations




The New Patriotic Party has taken notice of a video of Hon. Kwabena Mintah Akandoh is accusing the members of the NPP in the Juaboso constituency and beyond of outlandish claims.


During the visit of FMR.President Mahama to meet delegates in Juaboso to campaign in his bid to lead the NDC once again, Mr Kwabena Mintah Akandoh was given the opportunity to address the delegates: When he mounted the podium, he began by making a flip chart presentation about NHIS using his own cooked figures and some funny charts all in his attempt to vilify the NPP as a party in power; the only thing he is known for when his colleagues are seriously lobbying for development and finding a job for their youth. When his adrenaline reached uncontrolled levels, he made a statement that cocoa production is on the decline due to government refusal to give farmers Agro- inputs. As he realised the audience was not interested in his usual talk, he resorted to a very reckless and irresponsible statement; that the leadership of the NPP in Juaboso is actively involved in illegal mining. It is on the backdrop of these wild and callous allegations that we wish to respond in this order;

1. Financing of the national health insurance scheme.

2.Cocobod supply of Agro chemicals and fertilisers.

3. Illegal mining.


We do recognise Hon Akandoh as a member of parliament and the ranking member on the parliamentary committee on health and, as such; we find it disappointing for him to come to Juaboso and mislead his constituents. Unfortunately, Mr Akandoh consistently keeps referring to some NHIS funds been diverted to Jubilee house.

In this statement, we are asking him to prove these claims, or else it is just his typical rants.

The good people of this country knew the state of NHIS prior to 2017 and do not require any deceitful lecture to appreciate its state today. The NDC under Fmr. president Mahama left a debt to the tune of 1.2 billion Ghana cedis in the NHIS alone.

How can they now claim that they managed the NHIS better? This administration since 2017 has expanded the scope of the scheme to capture family planning and more complicated diseases like cervical cancer and the four childhood cancers, namely Burket lymphoma, Wilms tumour, leukaemia and retinoblastoma.

Patronage of the scheme has increased significantly, and digital infrastructure has been provided to solve the problems of long queue. The New Patriotic Party is committed to improving the scheme and no amount of lies by Akandoh and his collaborators will deter us from serving the good people of this country well.


The rate at which Hon Akandoh is politicising everything in this country is becoming scary. How can one conclude that the decline of cocoa production in this country should be attributed to a political party if not for propaganda purposes. Indeed, research from Cocobod indicates that , the major reasons for the decline of cocoa is climate change, coupled with old ages of the cocoa trees as well as the use of some unauthorised chemicals by farmers on the farms.

How can the NPP be responsible for for the above?

Again, it is true that Fmr president Mahama introduced the free fertilizer policy, but the purpose for which that policy was introduced didn’t materialize. In Juaboso constituency for example, majority of the fertilizers were given to only NDC executives and their relatives with the strict instructions to sell and bring 30% of the sales to the party office.

Indeed ,Hon .Kwabena Mintah Akandoh is on record to have bailed his own father from the police cells for smuggling fertilizers to Ivory Coast.

How can this same person turn around and accuse the current administration for not providing fertilizers to farmers. However, in 2018, this administration recorded the highest tonnage of cocoa since independence.


We are aware of mining in Juaboso and it’s environs but we never knew Galamsey until one of our own (Hon Kwabena Mintah Akandoh) became deputy minister for lands and natural resources. We are placing it on record that Hon Akandoh was the first person to lead an excavator into the district, specifically the Bonzain enclaves for purposes of Galamsey. Before we took power in 2017, the river Bia had far been destroyed and the content of it was no more fresh water but a syndicate of a thick muddy water. In any event, if the NDC and Hon Akandoh are committed to the fight against galamsey ,why haven’t they stated their position in public..?

We wish to state that the allegations made against the leadership of our party in Juaboso are baseless, reckless and irresponsible.

The government and the leadership of the NPPs’ commitment to fight illegal mining is still on course and no amount of lies and propaganda will deter us from winning the fight.



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