2 Young Men Arrested With Human Head In Accra, Ghanaians Heavily React


United Television has reported that two young men have been arrested with human heads in Accra.

According to a UTV reporter who spoke with the television station, these two young men were traveling from Nsawam when they encountered police on the road.

These guys hurried away when they saw the on-road police and took the Amasaman road, however due to the road’s enormous potholes, the car hit one of the potholes and somersaulted.

People in the area rushed the car to save the people in the car only to see a head which has been freshly cut in the car. One of the men in the car fled and left his friend who was beaten severely by the people.

The beating made him start talking where he revealed that he was in a dire need for money and his friend advised him that if he is able to get human head for one Alhalji in Accra he will be rich overnight.

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