I respectfully want to crave the indulgence or attention of people to the old picture of then Choggu/Tishigu Constituency parliamentary candidate for NPP in circulation full of inspiration, motivation, and perseverance for the up-and-coming politicians mainly from Northern Ghana and beyond.

The old picture or poster sets in motion the persona of a triumphant and dedicated politician in the Northern Region of Ghana, the picture or poster steers the passion for one not to loathe small beginnings in life with commitment and the resilience to succeed.

To hit the ground running, I continuously notice the inspiration the old poster depicts with keen interest, particularly the struggles to succeed by the persona with the desire never to give up on his dream to thrive in life and politics.

Straightforward, Hon. Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam is one of the politicians in Northern Ghana with impeccable and unique credentials in the area of academia, and political life and he has been through the mill through thick or thin with outstanding records and a deep sense of knowledge, skills, and experience.

Before I move further to the root of this piece of mine hinges on the inspiration and motivation derived from the old picture or poster of Hon. Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam. He genuinely deserves a standing ovation for his ingenuity, uniqueness, and perseverance despite some of the setbacks for him to climb up the ladder of politics.

Firstly, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam contested the Choggu/Tishigu Constituency Parliamentary elections in 2000 but unfortunately, he lost narrowly as a first-timer and young politician with an interest in representing the people, and the poster used then is central or pivotal to this piece of mine.

Secondly, in 2004 after the Constituency was split to form Tamale Central Constituency, Mr. Mohammed Amin Adam contested again on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and he lost again missing the chance to represent the good people of Tamale Central Constituency.

Thirdly, Mr. Mohammed Amin Adam’s hard work, sacrifice, and total commitment to the Party were recognized when the Former President, H.E. John Agyekum Kufour appointed him as Deputy Northern Regional minister in 2005 and subsequently appointed him again as Mayor for Tamale.

Interestingly, he excelled as Mayor of Tamale for the major transformational projects initiated under him as the Mayor in the areas of Roads, water, lighting of the city, etc. He played a pivotal role during the African Cup of Nations hosted by Ghana in 2008.

In addition, what’s captivating to note about Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam’s rise into the political limelight has to do with the passion, interest, and desire to contribute his quota towards the success of the Party and the Nation at large. He is an inspiration for the young to learn from.

Furthermore, many would have thought, he would have given up on his ambition to serve the people after two unsuccessful attempts to become a member of Parliament within the territories of the Northern Region.

However, the motivation not to give up on that dream to become a legislator in Parliament for his people, party, and Ghana to benefit from the Knowledge, and experience gathered in his life as a politician par excellence continued.

To become a member of Parliament, he contested again on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Tamale Central Constituency and lost his Parliamentary bid to represent the good people of Tamale Central Constituency in 2008. This would have been huge for some people, particularly those who are afraid of defeat consistently.

Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam after achieving a lot in the academic field and individual exploits in the area of Energy and Finance. He is widely held in high esteem for his accomplishments both personal, and political, and his profession as an Energy and Finance expert.

Luckily enough, Hon. Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam affectionately called the political Anta in his school days was appointed the Deputy Minister of Energy when NPP came back to power after serving diligently under Former President, H.E. John Agyekum Kufour by President Nana Addo in 2017.

As expected, Dr. Anta contributed enormously as Deputy Minister of Energy with vast understanding, knowledge, and experience in the sector to the benefit of the Party in this ministry wholeheartedly. He is a sharp-witted politician who is resolute and hard-working when duty calls.

Simply put, on February 7, 2023, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam was reassigned into a new portfolio as Minister of State at the Finance Ministry by H. E. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to serve again and to bring his expertise to bear towards the success of the administration with his Finance and Economic background.

Chronologically, the achievements, political experience, leadership roles, and contributions of Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam stem from the willingness, dedication, commitment, sacrifice, perseverance, and courage to succeed in life with a peerless political track record from Northern Ghana.

With the zeal never to throw his hands in despair, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam contested the Karaga Constituency Parliamentary elections and shockingly won the seat in 2020 after several trials from then Choggu/Tishigu Constituency in 2000, Tamale Central Constituency in 2004 and Tamale Central again in 2008. His triumph victory as the Member of Parliament for Karaga Constituency was not anticipated by some people who believed the seat was a traditional or safe one for the NDC.

Quite intriguingly, the political Anta as he was nicknamed for his interest in politics yielded the desired results for him with the magic he performed by winning the Karaga seat with a wide margin for the first time for the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Notably, he didn’t just go there to play he pursued an agenda by doing a needs assessment and deployed his vast proficiency and experience in politics to overcome his opponent who took the Constituency for granted for years without developmental projects, youth and women empowerment.

I respectfully consider this success chalked by Hon. Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam as a dream come true after several painful defeats in his bid to become a legislator and I believe the old picture of him when he first contested as parliamentary candidate for NPP in Choggu/ Tishigu Constituency is an inspiration and motivation to him and others.

In conclusion, the old picture or poster ignites and rekindles my passion as a young man with an interest in politics not to despise and overlook small beginnings irrespective of the setbacks and struggles one may encounter in his or her political career.

Hon. Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam being appointed recently by the President as Finance minister is history for the good people of the Northern Region to have an outstanding and experienced leader at the helm of affairs at the Finance Ministry.

Note: Never give up and always remain humble in life. An inspiration and motivation for the young and upcoming politicians from the Northern part of Ghana and the country at large.

Dedication, commitment, sacrifice, and perseverance have earned Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam the above enviable attributes as a leader par distinction.


Abdulai Abdul Razak ✍️
Tamale South Constituency

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