If Teachers Feel Terms Of Government Are Unfavorable,They Should Leave – Ofwono Opondo.

Ofwono Opondo To Journalists; Highlight Tendencies That May lead To Journalists

Ofwono Opondo, the Executive Director of Uganda Media Centre has said teachers who are striking should leave if they are not satisfied with the terms of government. He said this while on NBS’ late night talk show.

“No one is forcing the teachers back to class, but all @UNATU_ORG members are holding appointment letters. If you think the terms of government are no longer favourable, please leave.”

“Over the last 30 years, the government has been reviewing the pay structures for public servants and not at any time has the government applied uniformity. When a similar incident happened in public universities, the teaching staff were supported first, then the non-teaching staff. That’s the method government chose to use because its the most applicable, affordable and sustainable.” He added.

He says the only reason arts teachers rise up to strike is because they were jealous.

“I think what provoked the arts teachers to strike is “nugu”. I suspect their strike is being pushed by the “how dare you” attitude when we mark the same books in the staffroom.”

However, his views did not please many people. Apparently, he is only saying so because he is part of the ruling party so he is on the receiving end.

Ofwono, meanwhile has always come off as an arrogant person to many. Therefore, it’s no surprise for some when he sounds like this.



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