10 Reasons why Yentumi is the best option to lead NPP in Manso Nkwanta constituency

Hon. Fredrick Nkansah popularly known as Yentumi has proofed all reasonable doubt that he is the best candidate to lead NPP as the parliamentary candidate in the fourth coming 2024 general election and why he must lead The good people of Manso nkwanta constituency.

His capabilities and specialism symbolise that with Hon.Fredrick Nkansah Manso Nkwanta NPP seat is secured and save.the qualities are listed below👇👇

1. He is younger among all the candidates.

2. He has marketed himself well politically over the years than any other candidate

3. He is a good political communicator, the whole nation sit and listen to him when he speaks.

4. He has demonstrated that he has innovative solutions to our developmental challenges

4. He is a Canon of ideas for life changing and national development

5. He has massive influence from all levels from academia, to the street

6. He’s loyal to his duties and superiors

7. He values friendship and maintain friendship

8. He loves unconditionally

9. He is trustworthy, he will be with you in both good days and bad days

10. He is highly tolerant, phyllantropist and believes in religious tolerance a pivot to Manso nkwanta unity and development.

By Omono Asamoah (Ezra Fm)

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