You Have Found The Right Girl To Marry When You Notice These 10

It is not easy to settle down with a girl as your wife. However, when you notice the following signs, you can go ahead a marry her.

1. She supports you in all your decisions, career and stands with you through thick and thin. When yesterday’s fights doesn’t stop her from talking to you today. When she’s totally fine with your female friends but a bit possessive when you get over friendly.

2. When she gives you personal space. You say you are not in a mood for conversation and she agrees, rather than picking up a fight or suspecting you. When she doesn’t compare you with other guys out there.

3. She is your best friend and you can tell her everything.

4. When you are happy with each other’s progress, and your goals start involving each other. (Seeing future with her)

5. When discussing something, She tries to find out solutions rather than imposing the ideas. (Sensible and Open minded)

6 She is Humble, Intelligent, Independent; and you feel no problem overlooking those tiny little flaws in her, for the love you have.

7. After a hectic day when you feel so tired and exhausted she asks you to take rest and good sleep instead of texting or calls whatever! Even when you both haven’t talked for the whole day!!

8. When she is least interested about your past and more concerned about yours future. Its when you can share each and everything with her just like you do with your childhood best friend!!

9. When you cannot think of anyone else as your wife, but her. (Satisfaction, Determination)

10. When you are convinced that – “I can keep her happy, no matter what.” When no matter how hard it can be, you still want to go for it, knowing you will support each other. (Trust, Faith)

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