The Chief Executive officer of Obuasi based Majora Group Wisdom Mawuli Parku has been named among the 100 Most Influential People in Ghana.
The award scheme seeks to recognise the top 100 Ghanaian entrepreneurs and accomplished CEOs from various sectors with exemplary achievements and contributions to the country’s development.
It also seeks to recognise individuals whose personal and professional conduct and accomplishments, combined with their respective positions of authority, have enabled them to exercise the most impactful influence on the socio-economic, political, and cultural fortunes of Ghana and its citizens.
The accolade is a recognition of the young businessman’s resilience, enterprise and visionary leadership. As the Founding CEO of Majora Group, he has been instrumental in transforming Ghana’s travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors.
It adds to the plethora of awards and recognitios bestowed on the burgeoning entrepreneur. Wisdom holds the distinction of being an esteemed member of the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 roster, as well as an honoree of the Forty Under 40 Awards in Ghana for his contributions to Travel and Tourism.
Operating from Obuasi, a mining community in the Ashanti Region, Majora Group has orchestrated travel experiences for more than 5,000 satisfied clients, both nationally and internationally, all within a span of just six years.
Wisdom’s entrepreneurial journey took flight from a challenging episode—a substantial financial setback and a declined U.S. visa application in 2014. Instead of conceding defeat, he recognized a market inefficiency and a prospect for elevating the travel and tourism sector in his homeland, Ghana. However, the path to achievement had formidable obstacles.
In the company’s nascent stage, Wisdom encountered a fraudulent recruitment agent from Ghana operating in Dubai, resulting in a significant financial loss. Adding to the challenges, a fire broke out in the Obuasi office in June 2018, leading to considerable material and financial losses. Rather than letting these challenges cripple him, Wisdom used them as fuel for his indomitable resolve.
Since its establishment in 2017, Majora Group has expanded its scope to include business consultancy, digital marketing, travel management among its offered services. His keen business insights have garnered significant recognition.
.Academically fortified with a BSc in Agribusiness Management from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana, Wisdom is presently amplifying his expertise by pursuing a Master of Arts in Tourism Management at Royal Roads University, Canada.
Notably, he was honored with the esteemed Entrance Scholarship from the university in recognition of his accomplishments. This academic venture exemplifies his unflagging commitment to continuous learning and industry innovation.However, Wisdom’s endeavors reach beyond commercial success.
As the driving force behind Vision Aid Foundation, he has converted empathy into tangible change. Focused on potable water accessibility, the foundation has installed mechanized boreholes in resource-scarce communities and engaged in multiple philanthropic activities ranging from supporting healthcare institutions to enabling startup ventures for underprivileged women.Embodying a triumvirate of visionary foresight, operational efficacy, and indomitable resolve, Wisdom navigates the often turbulent entrepreneurial terrain with finesse.
Faced with Ghana’s considerable unemployment rates, his future objectives include broadening Majora Group’s reach to offer employment opportunities and affect positive change.As Wisdom moves forward, equipped with a comprehensive education and fortified by a proven record of accomplishment, his aspirations are not merely to reach new milestones but to set benchmarks in the industry. For Wisdom Mawuli Parku, the future is not just a landscape of opportunity—it is a symbol of transformational impact.

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