You Have Added Fuel To The Fire: Allotey Jacobs Tells NIA Boss Straight In The Face.

Former Central Region Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Mr. Allotey Jacobs has indicated that the Chief Executive Officer for the National Identification Authority, Professor Kenneth Attafuah has stabbed the President in the back and must be ready to face the accompanying consequences.

According to Mr. Allotey Jacobs, Professor Kenneth Attafuah has added fuel to the fire. He says there is already a conception in the public domain that suggests political parties only offer jobs to their members and Professor Attafuah has confirmed it. He told Philip Osei Bonsu on the Ekosiisen program on Asempa FM that, even though what Professor Kenneth Attafuah said was right, the timing is wrong. He says the comment by the NIA boss is a betrayal to the members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) who campaigned to ensure power is retained. Mr. Allotey Jacobs added that the Party members will call for the head of Mr. Attafuah and he must be ready for it.

“He has said it right but the timing is wrong. They will call for his head, maybe his time is up to resign from the position that’s why he spoke in such a manner. He has despised the very people who worked for the victory of the party, it is the government that appointed him and that makes his position political. So he cannot say the institution must be depoliticized. He has added fuel to the fire by confirming the conception of people that only party members are employed after winning elections”. Mr. Allotey Jacobs indicated.

He added that the political setting of Ghana is based on a winner takes all. He says even though there have been some instances where people from other political divides have been offered positions, the practice is not common. Mr. Allotey Jacobs added that even if the President confined in Professor Attafuah, he was wrong to have made the comment public.

“Our politics is premised on winner takes all. Even with that, there are windows where people get appointments from another political divide. These things are not said in the public. He has stabbed the president in the back. Immediately such comments are made, it appears the rank and file are working and someone is enjoying. His timing is wrong. I don’t know if we have matured to that level for him to be speaking like that”. He indicated.


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