We won’t allow ourselves to be deceived- Northern region chief tells Nana Addo

The chiefs of these days are surprising Ghanaians with their boldness and very good decisions. The desire to enrich one’s self has resulted in serious numbers when it comes to corruption in chieftaincy and it’s relation with government officials or politicians. Many chiefs during the 2020 election campaigns were seen endorsing some members or certain parties.

This was surprising and sad to watch since they were in a state of gambling or playing with the desires and comforts of their people. What happens to your town and it’s people when the candidate you endorsed does not win? Will the candidate you criticized come to your aid and that of your people? This is something we witnessed but was an eyesore.

Luckily, some northern chiefs refused to be bias and were seen crediting and lambasting all parties when deemed necessary.

Nana Addo’s tour in the northern region has gone viral with the kind of commendation and applauds he received for his hard work despite the down pullings and tough economy. His visit was to lay more emphasis on the decision to build more factories and bring more work into the northern sector in order to help improve the production and sales of made in Ghana products.

We won’t allow ourselves to be deceived into buying foreign goods and hoping it’s the best when we have the resources here so Nana this is a good decision- Ya-na for Dagbon declared and praised Nana Addo. The Ya-na further revealed that he was grateful to Nana Addo for bringing peace to the people of Dagbon. And this is one of the accomplishment he is very happy about since peace is the basic requirement for the success of a community or even a group of people to stay and reason together for a specific goal.

Source:Opera news

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