Fellow Ghanaians, gentlemen and ladies of the media, colleague trainee nurses and midwives, warmest greetings to you.

We are the current National leaders of the Ghana Nurse-Midwives Trainees Association (GNMTA) and it is with great pain that we come out with this release to pour out our hearts to you; the Ghanaian populace.

Back in the year 2016, the current government was voted into power on the back of many promises; and the restoration of student allowances for the trainee nurses and midwives was one of those.

Even though not regularly, the trainee nurses and midwives have enjoyed a steady flow of the allowances until nine (9) months ago when it completely stopped coming; thus putting us in distress.

After many engagements with the Ministry of Health and other agencies with their continuous failed promises to pay what is due us, we feel the need to bring our frustration to light; to you the media and the Ghanaian people.

The Ghana Nurse-Midwives Trainees Association comprising of about fifty-four thousand (54,000) trainees plays a very vital role in healthcare delivery in this country. And per recent research conducted, trainee nurses and midwives form about 40% of the nation’s healthcare delivery force. Not all the nurses or midwives you come across in the hospitals or clinics are full band nurses and midwives and of course, you get the best care and attention from us trainee nurses and midwives.
We risk our lives and that of our families like any regular nurse and midwife whenever we go out on clinical practicums.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are merely trying to get you to understand our relevance in the health sector as well as the reasons why we deserve the cushioning of trainee allowances more than anything.

The said allowances help us in the face of our ever-soaring school fees, buying of consumables like gloves, face masks which are constantly being demanded by hospital managers before we are allowed to practice. And obviously, the trainee allowances equally serves as pocket money for us. You should understand that after the payment of huge sums of money as school fees by our parents, very little is left to be given to us as pocket/feeding money. In short, the trainee allowance is our lifeline; and for the past nine (9) months, we have been left with no lifeline. We are suffering!

It has been over a month since our last meeting with the Ministry with their usual assurances but still no show. We believe in dialogue and have always used the philosophy of non-violence but after many failed attempts to get the government, through the Ministry of Health to swiftly come to our aid, perhaps it is time to use a different approach; a language that they would understand.

My dear colleague trainee nurses and midwives, lace your boots! Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA), we call on you!
As a matter of urgency, we are hereby giving the Government an ultimatum of ten (10) working days to positively respond to our cry and thereafter, we shall advise ourselves accordingly.

Thank you all and may God bless our homeland Ghana!

GNMTA, Doing All For The Health of All!

GNMTA National President
GNMTA National General Secretary

GNMTA National PRO

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