Use Coconut Water and Honey to brighten up your destiny – Follow the directions carefully

Most people do not believe in spirituality just because of how they were deceived and frauded of their monies. Many of us here are looking for a way to see the brighter end of our lives.

God incurred strong powers in plants just to make the world a better place for the occupants. That’s why it is stated in the Bible that we should eat the fruit and cure with its leaves.

Coconut and honey have a very great potential of making a person stronger in spirit and physically promote good health. The following are some spiritual benefits of using coconut and honey:

1. Prevent bad luck: When Coconut is added to honey, the combination alone makes your life shine.

2. Brain booster: When you embark on a direction to use Coconut and honey as a brain booster, it works like magic. We all know what honey can do.

The following are the directions to follow if you want to bright your destiny with Coconut and honey:

1. Get an empty cup without stains on it.

2. Find a dried coconut and pray over it. Tell God to help change your destiny.

3. Open the Coconut and pour the water inside the cup.

4. Pour your original honey into the cup.

5. Stir with a spoon to have a uniform mixture.

6. Once done, transfer the mixture into a 500ml bottle.

7. Whenever you feel like going outside, just pour some in your palm and smear it on your body. Especially your face.

You will begin to see wonders in your life. It works like magic for those who believe because faith without works is dead.

I believe this was helpful. I would gladly assist you when you ask your questions inside the comments section below.

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