Northern Region: 30-year-old man crashed to death

A young man in his mid-30s met his untimely death on Sunday, April 30, after being hit by a speeding V8 vehicle at Ganguyili near Bimbilla in the Northern Region.

The accident according to eyewitnesses occurred after the driver of the speeding vehicle lost control and hit the young man who was standing by the roadside.

It took the intervention of the police to prevent the youth from setting the vehicle ablaze.

According to residents, the victim was returning home from a funeral he had attended in the community.

The man died at the spot and this according to the eyewitnesses angered residents who attempted to set the vehicle ablaze.

Citi News’ Northern regional correspondent, Mohammed Aminu Alabira reported that it took the timely intervention of the police to save the occupant of the vehicle and the car.

Yakubu Mohammed eyewitness
An eyewitness, Fusheini Seidu, who narrated the incident to Citi News explained, “We were together at the funeral grounds when he told us that he will go home. When he left, in less than 3 minutes, we heard the sound and when we rushed there, it was the man who just left us. He died instantly, and I must commend the residents of this community. If they had burnt the car, the man will not return”.

Alhassan Abdulai, Father of the victim said, “I was in the house when I heard “kpub” the sound of the incident. We rushed out only for me to find out that it’s my son a car has knocked. The people wanted to attack the occupants of the car and burn the car, but I told them not to because it is the Almighty Allah who does what He wants. I have given everything to God”.

Drivers and motorbikes are usually on top speed even when approaching communities along the road.

This, residents say contributes to the numerous accidents on the stretch.

The residents are therefore appealing to the government to construct speed rumps on the road especially in the communities along the road to ensure sanity on the road.

Yakubu Mohammed eyewitness on the appeal for speed rumps on the road, “We are appealing to the government to erect speed rumps on the road so that drivers will reduce their speed when approaching a community”.

Before Citi News got to the scene, police had moved the body to the Bimbilla hospital.

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