Tribe In Ghana That Has The Most Faithful And Honest Women.

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman who has agreed by law to stay as husband and wife.

In cosmopolitan country like Ghana, couples especially men has a lot a difficulty in choosing the woman they want to spend their life with due to honesty and faithfulness. Marriage without faithfulness and honestly is no marriage because faithfulness is the foundation and bedrock in any good relationship. When you know that your partner is honest and on your side, you can confidently face life together.

Cases or issue of divorce mostly occurs as a result of of lack of faithfulness and honestly in marriage.

With all the tribes in Ghana the northern tribes(The Dagbamba and frafra people) have the most faithful and loyal women in the country. They believe in marriage a lot and gives theirs necessary respect to their husbands. They also perform rites that kills them immediately they cheat on their husbands but allows their husbands to take as many women they want to.

With changes and modernization this rites are not mandatory as first but the power lies in the man whether or not he wants it to be done or not.

Aside this rites an educated women from the northern part of Ghana understand marriage and will not even attempt for a divorce even if problems arises. It is their custom that their husbands can take as many wives she wants so they are not bothered when husband Starts to cheat.

Which other tribe do you think has the honest and faithful in Ghana? Comment.

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