Presidential Awards Greater Accra Regional Hospital Ridge honors COVID-19 heroes with Presidential Award


In a heartfelt ceremony held on Tuesday at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital Ridge, the COVID-19 public management team members were bestowed with the prestigious Presidential Award for their unwavering dedication and sacrifices in the battle against the pandemic.

Dr. Emmanuel Srofreyoh, the General Medical Director of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, expressed the origin of the initiative, tracing it back to the wisdom of the President.

Recognizing the pivotal role played by those on the front lines, the President envisioned a nationwide recognition program, distributing certificates to various regions and institutions.

“This hospital received the first two cases, a time when fear gripped the nation, and uncertainty loomed. Yet, our staff, fueled by courage, volunteered and sacrificed. They diligently cared for the patients, and those initial cases not only survived but were discharged peacefully,” remarked Dr. Emmanuel.

He stressed the significance of the awards as a motivation for others, highlighting the ever-present possibility of disasters. “Whatever happens nowadays, people will be willing to sacrifice for Mother Ghana,” he added.

A total of 140 individuals were recognized during the ceremony, with Dr. Emmanuel emphasizing that many others, whose names may not be mentioned, played vital roles in the successful fight against the pandemic.

“One new description of the system that I got today was given by the Director of Public Health: everybody had been either infected or affected or both,” noted Dr. Emmanuel.

Emmanuel Adipa Adebo, a member of the COVID-19 public management team, praised the successful COVID-19 management, attributing it to the collaborative efforts of various departments.

He highlighted the establishment of a Rapid Response Team and the availability of the Paslovyd vaccine for treating COVID-19 patients.

“While COVID is still with us, the vaccine has mitigated the severity of cases. The World Health Organization has declared that COVID is no longer of pandemic proportion, but we remain vigilant,” emphasized Adebo.

The Greater Accra Region continues its vaccination efforts, even breaking new ground by successfully operating on a pregnant woman with COVID-19 to safeguard both the mother and the baby.

Dr. Emmanuel Srofreyoh concluded by expressing gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the hospital during these challenging times.

“Because of the roles we played, eyes will be on us in the face of any disaster, and we must maintain our services,” he urged.

Story by Charles Mensah Nyamedi

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