Police On Rampage In Tamale; Assault Lady, Truck Driver, 4 Month Old Baby

Two Members of the The Ghana Police Service MTTU stationed in Tamale have gone on rampage beating up a nursing mother and her 4 month old baby as well as a driver nearby. 

A snapshot video of the alleged assault posted on social media had more than 16 people in Tamale claiming one form of assault or the other against the same officers in Tamale.

This development comes few days after the Police took disciplinary action against one General Corporal Wise Bessey, whose badge number is 49187, following allegations of assaulting a member of the public in Takoradi, located in the Western Region. Bessey is on interdiction from his duties.

The police, in a statement, assured the general public to continue to ensure that professionalism is maintained at all times in the discharge of the service’s mandate.

It appears the two Tamale police officers did not heed to the advice of their superiors.

Tamale Nursing mother assault.

According to the victim Memuna Chelty Haruna who is a nursing mother, the officers had stopped her for a routine check.

Read the full narrative below 

Today on my way to work in tamale ,I got assaulted by a police officer,because I asked for my license back.He stopped me and asked for my license,I gave it to him he inspected and left with it,came back and I asked are you ok now ? He said no he’s yet to check other documents I said ok.Apparently my roadworthy had expired,he did his checks and said he was arresting me and we  should proceed to the station,I said ok then give me my license and sit so we can go ,he said no and left again to another car ,I got out of the car and said to him officer,I’m late for work and I have a baby in my car to drop off before I go so please give me back my license,his colleague told him twi to go and remove my car key so I quickly removed it myself .

The officer became furious ,called me a prostitute ,a foolish mad girl,a stupid girl and an idiot ,I told him if he insults my personality I’ll insult him back .He threatened to slap me and I told him not to dare,then I started a video ,immediately they realized I was videoing they left the scene only for us to hear noise at the other end of the scene,we rushed there and this same police man was fighting ,blows with another driver,because they were removing his car battery and he resisted.I brought out my phone and started recording again ,his colleague said in Twi she is recording so stop 🛑 the  driver said “sister record us,”we will show it to the world .This officer rushed me,hit my face and snatched my phone ,held me by my neck ,all this while I had a baby in my hand ,he started hitting me while his colleagues watch ,passersby came to my rescue ,the women who were there took the baby from me ,he beat me and my 4months old baby .Unfortunately I lost my voice during the beatings he had my phone so I didn’t get that part but I had their car number and his name and also the video of him snatching my phone .

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