Police Officer Becomes Blind After Being Caught With Grade7 Girl

A police officer is nursing serious wounds in Kazungula border town after being caught in the act with a young girl. According to locals, the police officer has been popularly known for luring school girls with chips sausage and then play around with them.

Efforts to report him to his superiors bore no fruits because the officer allegedly has people at the very top of the police hierarchy who are protecting him.

The girl’s parent allegedly reported him to his superiors, the said man was apprehended and detained for a full weekend, his mission was to ‘try to spoil the good name of the government’.

After his release, the parent was so heartbroken. He came back home only to find his grade 7 daughter missing.

Efforts to find her bore no fruits as everybody did not know where exactly she was.

The man was forced to seek the services of Dr. Zuberi , a renowned herbalist. Zuberi has a reputation for solving all the world’s imagined problems.

By the time the man called doctor Zuberi, he was very sad, asking the doctor to do whatever he can to make sure he reunites with his only daughter. Zuberi promised to solve the problem within a period of 24 hours.

That evening, the man was called to a hotel in Kazungula border town where he found the police officer had gone blind. He also found his daughter there.

The irate man descended on the officer with kicks and blows. The commotion attracted the public who joined in beating the officer to a pulp. It took the intervention of police offers to rescue their colleague.

The culprit is now in hospital, blind and nursing broken ribs. It is not clear if Dr. Zuberi will restore his eyesight.

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